Assisted Travel


Accessing transportation and travel can become increasingly difficult for individuals with disabilities. Vision impairments and various conditions often make maintaining independence through driving challenging. This obstacle extends beyond just driving – those with physical or intellectual disabilities may face hurdles in meeting their transportation needs.

We offer comprehensive transportation and errand services tailored specifically for people with disabilities. Our services ensure clients who cannot drive themselves can continue daily activities with a sense of autonomy. We are well-equipped to provide wheelchair-accessible transportation for those relying on wheelchairs.

Our support workers collaborate closely with clients and their loved ones to create personalized transportation and errand schedules that meet their unique requirements. Our errand services cover tasks like picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping, medical transportation, wheelchair transportation, general transport, and home deliveries.

Our transportation services enable clients to attend important events and appointments efficiently. We provide reliable transport for family visits, medical appointments, outings, banking needs, and accessing services. Our goal is empowering individuals with disabilities to maintain social connections, access necessary healthcare, and complete essential errands without driving-related stress or burden.

Our Methodology
to Transportation Services

Needs Assessment

Our team takes the time to understand their specific transportation requirements, including medical appointments, social engagements, and daily errands. Through open and empathetic conversations with the client, their family members, and healthcare professionals, we gather essential information to tailor our services to their unique needs.

Personalized Service Planning

This plan outlines the frequency of transportation needed, destinations to be covered, and any special accommodations required, such as wheelchair accessibility. We consider factors like vehicle availability, trained drivers, and coordination with other service providers to ensure seamless transportation arrangements.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We actively seek feedback from our clients, their families, and our staff to identify areas for improvement. We regularly review our processes, update our training programs, and incorporate the latest industry best practices to make sure we provide the highest standard of care.

Bridging Gaps to Build Possibilities